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IBPS Computer Knowledge Online Test Series in Hindi With Mock Test Paper

IBPS Computer Knowledge Online Test Series in Hindi With Mock Test Paper: Almost all Competitive exam have Computer Knowledge section in their written test. Many candidates label Logical Computer Knowledge as the most tough section.It is also most time consuming section along with Quantitative Aptitude.This makes it one of the most important section for competitive exams. Many candidates fail to clear sectional cut o in this section. Although they perform very well in other sections scoring less marks in this section ruins it.If you do not clear sectional cuto in any of the section then you will not be successful in exams. That is why I have prepared this online Logical Reasoning test series.You can practice this test series.This will ensure you clear all the sections with ease.Below are the links to online tests.You should click on the links to start the tests

IBPS Computer Knowledge Online Test Series

Understand The Bank Exam Pattern First

Before starting your studies yourself, it is very much essential to take a deep emphasis upon the new pattern of ibps exam. Do a lot of research over the internet or take help of experts for the concerning exam on grounds of different vectors. Vectors such as the proper topic wise bank exam syllabus of each subject, the number of subjects involved with their marks distribution, the time management in bank exams, and the number of tiers like (Prelims and mains) involved in the exam to crack for final selection.

Take note that every bank paper has a condition that on every subject, the sectional cut-off is carried out and you have to pass those sectional cut-offs and the overall cut-off of the whole exam as well. Going inside little deeper, there is a criterion that on every wrong answer you will lose .025 marks which are known as negative marking in bank exam. So, be alert while burning yourself in the struggle.

All these will be needed on your initial step of How to Prepare for Bank Exams? Also, take help of previous year papers to take an idea about the kind of questions asked in the bank exams every time. This will help you a lot because if you avoid the basic exam pattern then all your studies will give you nothing but a big ZERO. IBPS Exam Preparation Test-Series Pdf Download.

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IBPS Online Test Series, Question and Answers

Test Question Time (In Minute) Launch Test
IBPS Full Online Test Series 200 200 Go to Test
IBPS English Subject  Online Test 100 100 Go to Test
IBPS Reasoning Online Test 30 30 Go to Test
IBPS General Awareness Test 30 30 Go to Test
IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Online Test 30 30 Go to Test
IBPS Computer Knowledge Online Test 30 30 Go to Test
IBPS Computer Knowledge Online Test in Hindi 30 30 Go To Test
IBPS Reasoning Online Test in Hindi 30 30 Go to Test
IBPS Quantitative Aptitude Online Test in Hindi 30 30 Go to Test

What next after Exam Pattern and Syllabus?

Once you are clear with the exam pattern and syllabus, go for a self-analysis.

  • You are already aware with the syllabus of exam. Identify the topics that you are good and weak at.
  • This exercise is essential to strategize for the exam.
  • Set a proper goal along with time frame to ace the topics that you are not very good at.
  • You usually get about 2-3 months after notification, before the exam is conducted. Make sure that you have a proper plan for this time.
  • Do not procrastinate. The more you wait out before starting serious studies, the more you will ruin your chance of selection.
  • Clear the basic concepts of different topics first. Again, you can find the study notes of all the topics in the ‘Subjects’ column under ‘Study’ tab at the bottom of the app.
  • Study the concepts properly, because you will not be able to solve the question properly unless you are aware with the basic approach.
  • However, do not restrict your studies just to theory. Once you are done with the concepts, make sure that you attempt questions based on that topic.
  • Do not jump to the mock tests directly. You will only lose confidence if you don’t score well. Instead start with topic wise quizzes first. This will not only help you have a good hold over the topic but will also help you in a time bound practice.
  • After you have mastered at least half the topics start with mock tests.
IBPS Reasoning Online Test Series  IBPS PO Online Mock Test 

Detailed solution and explanation

This is one of the best feature of this online test series.All the questions are fully solved with detailed explanation. You can install the Logical Reasoning mobile App to get explanation of the problems.The detailed step by step solution will help you understand the concept behind the problem.

Once you understand the concept you can solve similar problems with ease.Also understanding the problems will help you solve the questions faster.You can face similar question in exam. Looking at the question you can determine the solution approach.

Most online test series do not have explanation or detailed solution.Detailed solution is very important for Logical Reasoning section.You should first try the test series and get idea of your preparation level and score.Then you can go though the detailed solution to understand where thing went wrong.

Checking the detailed solution section will help you understand your mistake.You can know common mistakes you make solving problems. Aer spotting your mistakes you can work on eliminating them.This will help you score more marks in real exams Logical Reasoning section.

Negative Marking and Time limit

All Competitive exams have negative marking and time limit.The idea is to test speed and accuracy of candidates. Ideally candidates should practice to increase their speed and accuracy before real exams.One way of doing it is solving previous year questions and taking online tests.

I understand need of it.So all the exams have negative marking as well as time limit.Most of the competitive exams have 1 minute time limit per question.So if there are 30 questions you will have 30 minutes or less than that.We have gone by this calculation only.Instead I have made it more tough then real exam.

In real exam due to nervousness candidates do take more time.So in online tests I have reduced the time limit more. So that candidates improve their speed drastically.If they solve problem in less time then in real exam they have buer
time to solve and attempt more questions.

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Model Questions Papers 

This is by far very important feature of this online test series.I have included model questions for current year exams. Those questions which are important for current year exams are included in the test series.Every year question type and pattern changes.So candidates should prepare questions which are important for that year exams.

I update these tests with questions important for current year.You may not get same question to that present in online test in real exam.But you will get question similar in type.There might be changes in data or language.But if you understand the concept and understand the solution then you can easily solve other similar question.

This is why practicing right sort of questions are important.It helps you solve problems in less time in real exams. Also your accuracy improves as well.Speed and accuracy are key of these competitive exams. If you can solve Logical Reasoning section in less time then you have advantage over other candidates.You can dedicate more time solving problems from other sections as well.

Previous Questions

Apart from model questions I have also included previous questions in the test series.The previous questions are also important.But I have not included previous questions from any particular exam.Also I have not included same type of question.Focus was to include different type of questions from previous years.

Care was taken to include questions which are important for current year exams.I have seen in past questions from IBPS is present in SBI exams or question from SBI exams is present in LIC exams.So instead of practicing questions from a particular exam you should practice questions from similar exams.

Practicing questions from similar exams is very important.For example if you are preparing for IBPS Clerk then you should practice question from SBI Clerk as well.This is very important.I have included important questions from similar exams.But I also removed duplicate type of questions. So the online test series help you practice previous year questions along with model questions.Solving these questions within time limit will help you crack exams with ease.

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